Year after year, the farmer from Iowa grew award winning corn, hands down better than all his neighboring farmers.  This was continually evidenced and awarded by the Iowa State Fair corn competition.

Year after year, after the end of the competition, the farmer from Iowa would invite over all his neighboring famers.  Like a prized Thoroughbred, his corn seeds and knowledge of farming was highly valued.    The farmer from Iowa would package up 50lbs bags of seeds, and instead of selling them for profit, he would give them to his neighbors along with his valuable knowledge in growing his award winning corn.


Why did the farmer from Iowa freely share his seeds and knowledge versus trying to make a profit on those bags or hoard them out of competition?

There are no boundaries in farming when the winds and bees cross pollinate, thus effecting everyone’s crop.  The farmer from Iowa was wise and knew that by helping his neighbors improve their crops, he would be improving the quality and lifeline of his own prize crop, thus guarding against the degradation of his corn through external influences he could not control.

What lessons and ideas can you learn from the farmer from Iowa?  How does this apply to your world?  Does this spark curiosity?

As first told to me by Jim Walberg, a friend and mentor.

Go Forth and Succeed!

Craig Davis


Jim Walberg · February 6, 2018 at 9:42 am

Sharing best practices within our industry will raise the quality of all of our businesses. It is in our best interest to share the best we have.

    Craig Davis · February 6, 2018 at 9:44 am

    Thanks Jim for the great story and underlying message within!

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