The Business Buzzword Dictionary, for all your boardroom meetings…cause if you ain’t using a “Synergy,” you ain’t doing it right:

Cascade:  Mountains in the Northwest.  Or things following other things.

Contra:  Accountants use this to confuse others.  It just means against something else.

First Pancake:  You know how that first pancake is typically a do’over.  Same thing in that first try or initial rollout.

Macro:  Large

Micro:  Small

MultiZoomTasking:  Doing other things while on Zoom.

Nuggets:  Morsels of something good, like best practices, advice, or pieces of wisdom.  Or, clues about future intent (as my team says I do).

Nugs:  When you want to say “nuggets” faster; or smaller morsels.

Parking Lot:  Like the table, something for later, but this time you’re parking it.

Smells like Bacon:  Translation, “Yup, I think you’re on to something…”

Smells like Kind Bars:  Same as above, but for those who don’t eat bacon.

Socialize:  Talk about stuff with other people…probably get some opinions you may or may not want.

Spot Treating:  Fixing an isolated issue.  Also for carpet cleaning where your dog pees, versus cleaning the whole living room.

Strategery:  A better way of saying strategy, thank you GW!

Synergize:  A verb, to form synergy…. “To synergize…”

Synergy:  1+1 = 3.  Last I checked, it equals 2… but I’m with ya!  Let’s get more out of less.  Plus, if that’s not said in a meeting, you ain’t doing it right…

Table it:  To put on a proverbial table…for later.

Value Proposition:  Something fancy managers tell others they should have..

Vision:  To see something.  Leaders use this to tell others what they see.

Waterfall:  Pretty sure that’s like cascade, but more of start at the top and work down…