All synergistic synergies comprise a doctrine of cascading messages that our troops should socialize in the trenches when considering the waterfall of guidance layered into the value proposition as visualized through the macro lens of leadership…

The Business Buzzword Dictionary, for all your boardroom meetings or buzzword bingo:

Cascade:  Mountains in the Northwest.  Or things following other things.

Contra:  Accountants use this to confuse others.  It just means against something else.

First Pancake:  You know how that first pancake is typically a do’over.  Same thing in that first try or initial rollout.

Macro:  Large

Micro:  Small

MultiZoomTasking:  Doing other things while on Zoom.

Nuggets:  Morsels of something good, like best practices, advice, or pieces of wisdom.  Or, clues about future intent (as my team says I do).

Nugs:  When you want to say “nuggets” faster; or smaller morsels.

Parking Lot:  Like the table, something for later, but this time you’re parking it.

Smells like Bacon:  Translation, “Yup, I think you’re on to something…”

Smells like Kind Bars:  Same as above, but for those who don’t eat bacon.

Socialize:  Talk about stuff with other people…probably get some opinions you may or may not want.

Spot Treating:  Fixing an isolated issue.  Also for carpet cleaning where your dog pees, versus cleaning the whole living room.

Strategery:  A better way of saying strategy, thank you GW!

Synergize:  A verb, to form synergy…. “To synergize…”

Synergy:  1+1 = 3.  Last I checked, it equals 2… but I’m with ya!  Let’s get more out of less.  Plus, if that’s not said in a meeting, you ain’t doing it right…

Table it:  To put on a proverbial table…for later.

Value Proposition:  Something fancy managers tell others they should have..

Vision:  To see something.  Leaders use this to tell others what they see.

Waterfall:  Pretty sure that’s like cascade, but more of start at the top and work down…